Build Your Differentiation Moat
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Are you ready to break from the pack and carve your own corner in your buyer's head?

Get started with the Early Stage Roadmap to Differentiation where we'll walk through the common pitfalls of achieving true differentiation in early stage ventures, how to overcome them, and why bother.

This guide covers everything you need to lay the foundations of a go to market plan that differentiates your product and places you in uncontested space within the minds of the customers who unlock repeatable growth.

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Day 1

The Case for Differentiation

Here we'll dive into the common areas of neglect for early stage founders when it comes to differentiation and how to approach them properly.

Day 2

ICPs vs EAPs

Your Ideal Customer Profile isn't enough to launch your venture into the stage of repeatability and scale. Your traditional 'ICP' only leads you to the sea of same with your campaigns crafting narratives around the same data everyone else has.

Day 3

Competing Over Problems

You're trying to solve a problem someone else also claims to have solved. Results become a commodity at this stage and placing yourself in a new light requires you to design an entirely new point of view.

Day 4

The Personal Brand Pitfall

Everyone wants to be the hero but they miss the big picture. Personal brand is only the last peice of the puzzle when it comes to a content strategy that attracts the right audience.

Day 5

A 'Futureproof' Funnel

Gone are the days of separate sales and marketing funnels designed with misaligned incentives for digitally agnostic buyers. The champions of growth in the modern era design funnels catered to the digitally native and are profitable from day one.

Hi, my name is Neil, founder of the Neil Cohen Project.
I spent the first 8 years of my career working both on and in the go-to-market function for startups and large organizations helping them explore new markets, launch new products, and refine their customer acquisition and marketing strategies.
Everything inside here is the accumulation of practice and continual study of what it takes to successfully take new ventures through the early stages of growth, and now I want to share it with you.

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